eri yamamoto : pianist / composer

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57 Grove Street, N.Y.C,

eri yamamoto trio

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday

eri yamamoto trio @ Arthur's Tavern in NYC.
7pm~8pm / 8:30pm~9:30pm (2sets)

Pianist Eri Yamamoto jump-started her career in this slot, and now that her talents are being sought after far beyond the West Village, this is the place to hear all the new ideas brewing in an already compositionally agile mind. And, in the best jazz tradition, her trio remains stable enough to grow with her.

-Time Out New York Magazine-


Sunday, December 4th, 2016   7pm
Trio @Gasutou in Osaka, Japan

Monday, December 5th
Private event in Shiga, Japan

Sunday, December 11th   2pm
Solo @ An Die Musik in Baltimore

Monday, December 12th  8:30-11pm
Eri Yamamoto Trio w/ David Ambrosio & Ikuo Takeuchi
@Bar LunÀtico in Brooklyn, NY

Tuesday, December 27th  8pm
Eri Yamamoto Trio w/ David & Ikuo
@Cornelia Street Cafe in Manhattan, NY

trio's new Album


w/ David Ambrosio (bass),
Ikuo Takeuchi (drums)

all  original compositions.

CD / iTunes