Mucical Score

Goshu Ondo Suite  

for SATB and Jazz Piano Trio 

80 pages of musical score and more. Paperback available on Amazon.

-Goshu Ondo Suite has a strong jazz element, the vocal parts do not require jazz experience. The lyrics are in Japanese, but very simple and fun to sing in English or Spanish transliteration.-

Eri's First 

Musical Scores Book 

The Music of 

Eri Yamamoto

Available on: Amazon

The Music of Eri Yamamoto gathers for the first time all 79 of Eri’s original compositions that appear on her 11 albums as a leader. These songs portray a wide range of Eri’s experiences – from joyful to introspective. reflecting the vibrancy of New York City and exploring mysteries of nature and memory. The songs in this book appear in Eri’s own manuscript, in the same form that she and her musicians read during their live performances. Also included are descriptions of almost all of the songs; information about her recordings; and many pictures of her and her fellow musicians, both in the recording studio and in live performance. Some of the musical highlights are Life, Half Moon, You Are Welcome, Redwoods, and Benicàssim.